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May 2, 2024

10 Do or Die Biology Chapters for NEET 2024

Saurav Pandey

Cell Biology (8%)

This section provides the groundwork for understanding how living things function. Learn about cell structure, the roles of different cell parts, cell division (both mitosis and meiosis), how cells regulate their life cycle, and how substances move across cell boundaries.

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Biological Classification (8%)

Understand how scientists organize living things into categories like kingdoms, phyla, classes, and so on. Learn why they do this and get to know the characteristics of different kingdoms.

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Plants (8%)

Explore the diverse world of plants, including their classification, structure, how they reproduce, and why they're important economically. We'll cover major plant groups like algae, mosses, ferns, and flowering plants.

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Animals (8%)

Dive into how animals are structured, from the tiniest cells to whole organisms. Learn about tissues, organs, and organ systems in different types of animals, from simple invertebrates to complex vertebrates.

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Genetics (10%)

In this important section, we'll cover genes, chromosomes, inheritance, and variations. Understand the basics of how traits are passed down, including Mendelian genetics, sex determination, and genetic disorders.

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Animal Physiology (11%)

This broad section covers how different organ systems in animals, including humans, function. Understand how these systems work together to keep the body balanced and healthy.

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Biology and Human Welfare (8%)

Finally, see how biology applies to real-world situations, from medicine to agriculture to industry and everyday life.

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Human Body (18%)

This detailed chapter explores the structure and functions of the human body's organ systems. It's crucial for understanding health and medical conditions.

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Reproduction (10%)

Reproduction is vital for species survival. Learn about different types of reproduction, including asexual and sexual, and delve into the specifics of human reproduction.

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Ecology and Environment (12%)

Explore how living things interact with their surroundings. Learn about ecosystems, biodiversity, and environmental issues, and discover how we can work to protect our planet.

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