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Apr 14, 2024

​10 summer care tips for pet dogs and cats​

Riya Arora

Pet care for summers

From dehydration to overheating, the summer season can cause many health issues for your pet. Here we list down 10 tips to take care of your pet in this season.


Provide ample shade

Make sure that there are enough cool and shady places where your pet can relax and avoid the sun. Shade keeps them comfortable and protects them from the heat and bright sun.


​Regular grooming and baths

Regular grooming and baths are essential for your pet, especially when it's hot outside. Bathing removes dirt and keeps their fur clean, reducing the risk of overheating.


Consider a haircut

You can consider a haircut for your pet if they have thick and long fur. Long fur can cause immense heat and irritation; trimming their fur would help in making them feel better on hot summer days.


Provide cooling mats

Getting cooling mats for your pet during summer would be a good idea. They're like normal beds that stay cool even in the heat.


Secure your pool

Pets might feel tempted to jump into the water to cool off. To keep them safe, make sure your pool is securely fenced off. This would prevent accidents, like drowning, when you're not around.


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Fresh water

Always keep fresh water available for your pet. Just like humans, pets need to stay hydrated to stay healthy. Make sure to refill their water bowl regularly with clean water.


Provide frozen treats

You can consider getting frozen treats for your pet to help them cool down in the heat. You can make them by freezing pet-friendly foods like fruits or yogurt.


Watch for signs of overheating

Watch your pet for signs of overheating. If they're panting heavily, or seem tired, their body might be too hot. If you see these signs, you can give them some water and try to cool them down.


Watch out for pests

Pests and insects like ticks, and mosquitoes can bother your pet in the summer. You can apply bug repellent on your pet to help them get relief from excessive scratching and rashes.


Limit outdoor time

Reducing the time your pet spends outside in summers would be a good idea. The sun can make them feel very heated and uncomfortable, and may cause dehydration.


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