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Apr 10, 2024

10 unspoken rules between couples that preserve relationships

Sonal Khandelwal

Unspoken rules

Being in a relationship isn't easy. Whether or not you have been in a long-term relationship, or getting into a new one, every relationship has a set of unspoken rules. These aren't big or dramatic gestures, but every day actions that make a huge difference in the long run.



Before embarking on a relationship, first learn to love yourself. While doing so, you learn how to care about your well-being and how to demonstrate acts of love that are not reciprocal. You learn to love and that is the kind of love you cultivate in a romantic relationship.


Emotional safety

Making each other emotional safety is a priority. When both partners feel comfortable sharing their feelings, fears and dreams, being vulnerable without fearing judgement, it strengthens the bond over time and deepens trust.


Do not ignore red flags

Change your perspective about red flags. A red flag is nothing to be afraid of but rather signals possible obstacles that you and your partner need to overcome. See it as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship.


Have difficult conversations

Sometimes these red flags can lead to uncomfortable conversations. Don't avoid them, rather talk things through. Do it together.


Understand before being understood

It can be tempting to get your point across, especially in the heat of a disagreement. But the couples that truly last are the ones who take a step back to understand the partner's perspective first. Listen, empathise and express.


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Small acts of love

Random hugs and kisses, breakfasts in bed and more, successful couples don't wait for anniversaries to express their love. To find joy in daily, simple acts is a reminder of your true love.


Make time

In the hustle of life, it can be difficult to give time to another. But make it happen. The couples who thrive make it a point to carve out moments for each other. Be it a weekly date night or just an hour of uninterrupted conversation, prioritise the relationship amidst the busy life.



Give each other space to grow, have separate hobbies and respect their individuality. It's two distinct individuals choosing to start their life together.


Support each other

The beginning of a relationship is always great. You are both excited and enthusiastic. But over the years, these things may start to fade. So, bring back that spark in your relationship. Acknowledge, support and shower compliments on each other.


Open communication

Open communication is touted as the cornerstone of a good relationship. Check in with each other regularly, discuss your feelings and address concerns before they become bigger issues.


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