[ad_1] 8 New Skills Students can Pick up during their Summer Vacation
By: Pragya Gautam

8 New Skills Students can Pick up during their Summer Vacation

May 28, 2024

​​Fun Learning​

​Summer vacations are exciting for every student, but this year let's make them more productive with some new skills to pick up. ​

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​​Graphic Designing​

Students can work on their graphic designing skills by exploring easily accessible tools like Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud to create designs, posters, infographics, and more.

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Students can opt for short online or offline courses to learn programming languages like Python, Java, or JavaScript.

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New Language

Learning a new language can be a plus point for your resume. Apps like Duolingo or online classes to explore a new language of your interest can be a productive option.

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Art and Craft

Beyond those school drawing books, try some new art and craft activities. Paper weaving, Bubble painting or Handprint art could be some of the options.

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​Try some gardening and planting activities to contribute to a more sustainable environment​

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​​communication skill​

Ability to communicate well is one of the essential skills that one should have command over. It helps you in more ways than one in the academic sphere.

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New Sport

Summer vacations can be super fun when you get to indulge in a sport. Choose one that suits your personality.

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New Musical Instrument

Learning to play a musical instrument is a very good investment of time. Try your hands at flute, ukulele or flute.

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