[ad_1] Best Clothing Colours To Cool You Down During A Heatwave

Apr 17, 2024

Best Clothing Colours To Cool You Down During A Heatwave

Shreya Kachroo

Summer dressing

​Wondering which colours are best to cool you down during the severe heatwave? Here are a few best options​

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Pastel purple

Pastel purple is emerging as a trendsetting summer colour, offering a cool yet stylish option. Its versatility allows for pairing with various clothing items, adding a unique touch to summer ensembles.

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Orange has become a trendy summer colour, adding boldness to outfits when paired with khaki or sand tones. Its popularity has grown over the years, making it a versatile choice for summer attire.

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Despite some people avoiding red, it can be a striking summer color when paired with sand or light greens. Choosing the right shade of red to complement one's skin tone is crucial for a stylish look.

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Yellow shades are highly popular for summer wear, offering vibrancy and energy. Pairing yellow with deep green, navy, or black can create standout looks. This colour is especially flattering on darker skinned people.

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One of the most sought after Summer colours, the versatility of pink allows for pairing with both light and dark shades, offering flexibility in outfit combinations.

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Shades of white

White remains a top choice for summer attire, offering comfort and breathability in hot weather. Versatile enough to pair with any color, white outfits are both practical and visually pleasing.

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