Government Jobs for Architects in India 2024

Urban Development Authorities: Architects can work with urban development authorities such as:Town and Country Planning Organization (TCPO) City Development Authorities (like Bangalore Development Authority, Delhi Development Authority, etc.)

Public Works Departments (PWD): Architects are hired by state Public Works Departments for various projects including: – Construction and maintenance of government building – Infrastructure development project

Central Public Works Department (CPWD): CPWD recruits architects for the design and construction of government buildings and infrastructure at the central level 

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI): ASI hires architects for the conservation and restoration of heritage sites and monuments across the country 

National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA): Architects can work with NIUA on projects related to urban planning, development, and policy research 

Central and State Housing Boards: Architects are employed by central and state housing boards for various housing and urban development projects 

Ministry of Defence (DGDE): Directorate General of Defence Estates recruits architects for planning and development of defence establishments 

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