GTA 6 Trailer: Unveiling Real-Life Viral Moments


As anticipation builds for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, fans have meticulously analyzed the game's trailer, uncovering that many scenes mirror real-life viral events. Click on the links to follow the real-life clips


Los Angeles, California

In a darker turn of events, a woman wielding two hammers was documented in 2020 by Twitter user edyperezz_

Woman Holding Two Hammers


Apopka, Florida

In 2013, a six-foot alligator's proximity to the automatic doors caused them to open, creating chaos among shoppers. 

Alligator Enters the Walmart


Pembroke Pines, Florida

While dirt bikes and ATVs riding on Florida roads are prohibited by law, it's not uncommon to see groups of riders.

Dirt Bikes Revvin... On The Florida Roads


Charlotte County, Florida

The ATVs seen in the mud, are likely refer to the Redneck Mud Park, a Florida spot featuring campsites and ATV trails.

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Mud Park


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Miami Joker, also known as the Florida Joker, gained online notoriety following his 2017 arrest for allegedly carrying a concealed firearm.

Miami Joker In The Prison


Oakville, Ontario, Canada

The scene depicting a naked man running from police in the GTA 6 trailer closely resembles a 2022 incident in Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Nude Run And Police Chase


United States

Dining and dashing has surprisingly led to numerous car accidents in Florida and across the United States. 

Dine Drive and Car Crash


Miami MacArthur Causeway, Florida

In Miami, twerking out of a car's sunroof isn't uncommon, and GTA has captured that.

Rooftop Full - Split Twerk


Treasure Coast, Florida

In 2018, a Florida man garnered attention when he opted to do yard work naked, causing concern among neighbors. 

Minding the Business Naked


East Lake, Florida

In 2021, a homeowner was startled to find a nine-foot alligator in his backyard pool.

Alligator Swimming In The Pool