[ad_1] Mumbai Witnesses HOTTEST April! How To Dress For Office Amid Heatwave

Apr 18, 2024

Mumbai Witnesses HOTTEST April! How To Dress For Office Amid Heatwave

Shreya Kachroo

Office styling for Summer

With offices insisting on WFO despite the heatwave, there's not much you can do to beat the despite apart from dressing for the intense weather. Here's how you can dress for office amid the heatwave.‚Äč

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Focus on proportions

Darker colours are not your enemy if styled right. Make sure they don't stick to your skin and give you enough room to breathe. They also hide pit stains well!

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Embrace khaki, camel, and nude tones for a smart and cool alternative to denim, cords, and traditional suiting. These colors are versatile and office-friendly while keeping you comfortable in warm weather.

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Work appropriate dresses

Pay attention to dress length for work-appropriate summer outfits. Aim for lengths below the knee and consider your office's dress code regarding shoulder exposure.

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Summer suits

Summer suits in lighter fabrics and pastel colors with unique stitching or fancy buttons are popular choices for a stylish yet work-appropriate look.

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Lightweight jackets

Lightweight outerwear is essential for work, especially in hot weather. Choose linen blazers, lightweight trenches, or sleeveless jackets to stay cool while maintaining a professional appearance.

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Looser fits

Opt for oversized fits in suiting for a formal yet comfortable look. Pair a slouchy shirt with wide-leg trousers for a stylish ensemble that's on-trend.

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