[ad_1] Nancy Tyagi's career path: How this UPSC aspirant from UP made it to the Cannes Festival
By: Pragya Gautam

Nancy Tyagi's career path: How this UPSC aspirant from UP made it to the Cannes Festival

May 27, 2024

​​Overnight sensation or years of hard work?​

Nancy Tyagi, who walked the 77th Cannes Film Festival in 2024, has become an overnight sensation. But was it a cakewalk for her or a saga of struggle and hard work?

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Who is Nancy Tyagi?

Nancy comes from a humble family of a UP small town: Barnava, district Baghpat. Her father is a cab driver and her mother used to work in a factory.

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Barnava to Delhi: Nancy’s UPSC dream

Chasing her dreams of cracking UPSC, Nancy came to Delhi after class 12th with 3 lakh rupees, arranged by her father for Civil Services coaching.

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​Nancy’s dreams questioned

Initially, her family and her father’s decision to spend that amount of money for her UPSC coaching was questioned by her relatives. Her father was advised to save that money for her wedding.

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​​Dream sidelined​

Destiny probably had bigger plans for Nancy. She couldn’t pursue her UPSC dreams due to financial crunch as COVID took the world by storm.

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​​Life-changing decision ​

​With her UPSC dreams cut short, Nancy decided to change track to help her mom out of her life-threatening job at the factory. So, she decided to create videos of self-stitched clothes.​

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​​Nancy buys a camera​

​Nancy took the bold decision of buying a camera with the money that she had left with herself after quitting Civil Services tuitions. ​

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Self-taught fashion influencer

Nancy doesn’t have a formal degree in fashion designing. She used to stitch clothes for her doll and also make outfits from scratch from her mother’s wedding gifts.

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​​Of trolls and fans​

Initially, when Nancy started to make Instagram videos of her self-stitched clothes, she was trolled and body-shamed. But now, after her Cannes success, Nancy has a huge fan-following.

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Nancy’s guiding force

Nancy’s brother is the pillar of her life. From directing and shooting her initial videos to guiding her for the Cannes outfit, her brother has always been there for her.

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