the real parade


First time parade heralded by 112 women playing folk and tribal  percussions all playing to rag revati of carnatic music

French Band

by  Captain Khourda

2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment

by  Captain Noel

61 Cavalry

by  Maj Yashdeep Ahlawat

Tank T-90

by  Fayz Singh Dhilllon

Nag Missile System

by  Capt Abhay Pandit

BMP 2/2k

by  Shivam Singh

All Terrain Vehicles

by  Maj Toofan singh, Lt Col Panmei & Capt Armandeep

Light Specialist Vehicles

Specialist Mobility Vehicles

Quick Reaction Force Vehicle


by Lt Priyanka Sevada

Weapon Locating Radar System

by Lt Deepti Rana

Sarvatra Mobile Bridging System

by Capt Suman Singh

Drone Jammer System

by Lt Col Ankita Chauhan

Advanced Radio Frequency Monitoring System

by Capt Akansha Gomes

Medium Range Surface to Air Missile System

by Lt Sumedha Tiwari

Multi-Function Radar

by Cap Abhijeet Kumar