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Top 10 countries with the most cost-effective higher education

Apr 23, 2024 | Sanjay Sharma

Top 10 Countries with Affordable Higher Education

Explore top 10 countries with cost-effective higher education, as revealed by a study conducted by Online Gaming Groups. From Belgium's balanced expenses to Israel's commitment, discover how nations manage costs relative to salaries.

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Israel (10th)

Israel's education costs are high but reflect its commitment. Expenses average $43,545 (Rs 3,630,195), 78.97% of the $55,140 (Rs 4,594,142) salary.

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Australia (9th)

Australia demands significant investment. Expenses are $44,395 (Rs 3,702,052), making up 72.97% of the $60,840 (Rs 5,076,192) salary.

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Italy (8th)

Italy's investment in education justifies its expenses. Annual costs are $26,936 (Rs 2,246,764), 70.51% of the $38,200 (Rs 3,184,766) salary.

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Japan (7th)

Japan offers premium education but with high costs. Expenses average $29,769 (Rs 2,484,387), making up 70.14% of the $42,440 (Rs 3,540,892) salary.

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Ireland (6th)

Ireland's overall costs are highest among listed countries. Expenses are $55,129 (Rs 4,594,295), 69.14% of the $79,730 (Rs 6,645,009) salary.

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France (5th)

France balances university and living costs. Expenses average $28,759 (Rs 2,397,375), with a salary of $45,290 (Rs 3,778,687), making up 63.50%.

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Netherlands (4th)

The Netherlands maintains accessible higher education. Expenses are $37,697 (Rs 3,147,916), 62.59% of the $60,230 (Rs 5,026,099) salary.

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South Korea (3rd)

South Korea balances affordable living with higher education costs. Annual expenses are $22,080 (Rs 1,840,524), 61.01% of the $36,190 (Rs 3,017,187) average salary.

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Switzerland (2nd)

Switzerland offers the cheapest education but highest living costs. Expenses average $51,013 (Rs 4,251,286), with a salary of $95,490 (Rs 7,972,817), making up 53.42%.

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Belgium (1st)

Belgium leads with cost-effective higher education. Annual expenses, including tuition, stand at $28,574 (Rs 2,382,832), with 53.02% of the $53,890 (Rs 4,487,537) average salary spent on living and university costs.

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