Top 5 entry level jobs for Business Administrators 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning 


The demand for AI and machine learning professionals is rapidly increasing in India, with the growth of the technology sector. 

Data Science 


The field of data science is booming in India, with many companies looking for professionals who can analyze and interpret large amounts of data. 

Digital Marketing 


With the rise of e-commerce and online business, digital marketing is becoming an essential skill for companies to grow their customer base and increase revenue. 



As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, the need for cybersecurity professionals to protect against cyber threats is increasing. 

Renewable Energy 


With the Indian government's focus on clean energy, the demand for professionals in the renewable energy sector is on the rise. 

Health Care 


The healthcare industry in India is expanding, and there is a growing demand for doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. 



The education sector in India is also expanding, and there is a growing demand for teachers, education administrators, and support staff. 

Hospitality and Tourism 


As India's economy grows, the demand for professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector is increasing. 



The aviation industry in India is experiencing rapid growth, with an increasing number of people traveling by air. 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management 


With the growth of e-commerce and online retail, the need for logistics and supply chain professionals is on the rise. 

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