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Apr 20, 2024

Worst Dresses In MET Gala History

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MET's worst moments

​While we may have seen some of the most glamorous outfits in fashion history on MET gala red carpet, there are a few looks that will go down as severely underwhelming. Here are a few of them!​

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Is this a costume party?

Wile MET is know for being elegant and extravagant, Zendaya's 'costume' looks like something kids would love to steal from Disneyland.

Credit: Instagram

Too much animal print

We bet you forgot Hillary Clinton was a MET Gala attendee too! And, looking at this dress, now we can bet that you will never be able to forget.

Credit: Instagram

Introverts would love this

While the Balenciaga look was great in theory, it was just absurd in person. Not to forget that unnecessarily long ponytail!

Credit: Instagram

Nightgown alert!

Anyone missing their nightgown since 1999? Well, look no further since ​Gwyneth Paltrow seems to have borrowed it. ​

Credit: Instagram

Taylor goes goth

A rare miss from Taylor, but MET is all about gowns and extravagance. This custom Louis Vuitton dress looks like any other Forever 21 Summer special.

Credit: Instagram

Too Latex-y

Even if the latex dress could have been ignored, the giant blob of black eyeshadow gives the look an even more bizarre feel.

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